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Best Selling Waterproof Mobile Cover (Updated)

Waterproof Mobile Cover

Smartphones have become very sensitive products for every person nowadays. Most of the mobiles provide 6 months to 1 year of warranty period. But still, in between this 12 months span, or may be after one year mobile phones can be damaged. The most common damage of mobile phone caused due to liquid insertion.

This type of water damage is very common in rainy season when people used to travel around the city with a bike. We often go out of home without umbrella and get wet. Most interesting fact in India is, people can bother themselves get wet, but not their phone. This statement gives us an idea about how important smartphone is to us.

A simple mobile cover can protect phone from scratch to some extent by the way. But still it will not be able to restrict water droplets to enter inside your smartphone.

Waterproof Mobile Cases

Waterproof mobile covers or, cases can fully protect your mobile phone from getting damaged by liquid.

Here we are with a dedicated list of some best waterproof mobile covers. In case you are in a hurry, here is a table for you with the product tag, specs and price.

Product Name




BOBO Universal Waterproof Pouch (XL 2021 Model)

7.0 Inches

xiwxi Universal Waterproof Case

6.9 Inches

LEAWALL Universal Waterproof Case

6.5 Inches

SKADIOO Waterproof Mobile Cover Pouch

6.5 Inches

Florican Universal Waterproof Mobile Pouch Cover

6.5 Inches

HUMBLE Universal Waterproof Cover

6.5 Inches

JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch Cellphone

7 Inches

Best Waterproof Mobile covers and Cases

BOBO Universal Waterproof Pouch (XL 2021 Model)

Waterproof mobile covers

The Bobo waterproof pouch fits on all mobiles up to 7 inches screen. Not only mobile, a person can use this to store their private things like debit card, credit card, or any important documents.

Both side window has a crystal clear view to ensure user have a better picture quality while capturing photos. Also, it is great for users who watch videos on mobile outside.

This waterproof mobile cover gives a better touch screen. Also it is sealed with an advanced locking mechanism to protect essential belongings from water and dust.

The Bobo mobile cover is made up of non toxic TPU+ plastic.

Customer review : ★★★★★ Play Video Amazing packaging and product. It is definitely waterproof. Kept my S9+ in Bobo pouch with and without cover, no issues whatsoever.

– Karan Sharma on Amazon

Xiwxi Universal Waterproof Case

Waterproof mobile cases

This universal waterproof mobile case fits all 7 inches smartphones in the market. The product has transparent back and front screen window. This company says, the product will provide better touch experience with no delay. Most interesting thing is you can experiment this under water too.

Xiwxi Universal Waterproof Case has super sensitivity. You can take crystal clear photos, and can watch videos. It also has snap and lock technology which increases user experience much better.

The xiwxi waterproof cover comes with IPX8 (know what is IP rating) waterproofing performances. This ensures your mobile phone, credit/debit card and precious documents drier.

Customer review : ★★★★ Love it!! You can still use your phone while it’s protected. No need to take it out and risk dropping it in the river while tubing!!!

-Jenny on Amazon

LEAWALL Universal Waterproof Case

waterproof mobile cover for iphone

Rainy season mobile phone protection is much needed for those who goes out for office work. If you have Apple iphone in your hand, then this waterproof cover may suit you phone. This is a well designed cover for iphone 4, iphone 5, iphone 4S, samsung galaxy S3.

The Leawall universal waterproof case has crystal clear window for front side and back side both. Also this phone case improves touch screen experience while having the cover on. The edge of this cover is well designed to give you best operational side key.

This comes with snap and lock access. Leawall waterproof case protect mobile phone from dust, water, dirt.

Customer review ★★★★★: Pandemic Touch use for Social distancing is Awesome 👍

Aman Chauhan on Amazon

SKADIOO Waterproof Mobile Cover Pouch

Samsung waterproof mobile cover

The SKADIOO case is best fitted with Samsung galaxy S9 plus, Oneplus 6T, Iphone 6S, Google pixel 2 XL, IPhone 6S Max.

This mobile cover is made up of PVC material and is fully under water waterproof pouch. The pouch has a duel swivel lock and the closure tip is sealable. The both side window has clear and transparent view which ensures better UX watching videos.

SKADIOO waterproof mobile case fits 6 inches device. Also there are space for your credit after after placing the mobile. This is ideal for fishing, swimming, beach, boating, etc.

Customer review : ★★★★★ : Value for money….Its really effective in rainy season. It’s been around 7 days now and the quality of the cover is good.

Rachin Samuel on Amazon

Florican Universal Waterproof Mobile Pouch Cover

Motorola LG waterproof cover

The Florican brand waterproof mobile cover is compatible with Samsung, Nokia, LG, Motorola mobile phone. Florican pouch has a black classy look with 6.5 inches of screen.

This waterproof cover has dual lock mechanism which makes sure water particle can not enter into the pouch.

Also this is made up of industry top level TPU material which proved to be lasts for longer duration. The product may give you the best touch performance. Also this is very good for watching video or, having a video call.

Customer review : ★★★★★ : Water resistant is simply amazing.Also touch outside cover is excellent.Best mobile protection cover.

Akib Islam on Amazon

HUMBLE Universal Waterproof Cover

Long waterproof mobile cover

This mobile cover fits up to 9×18 cm long smartphones. The product will be best buy for you if you have a wider screen mobile. This comes with lesser weight and more durability.

You can easily and safely use this while swimming. It protects the mobile phone from water, dust and dirt and makes protection shield around the device.

Users can watch crystal clear videos and will have a touch screen friendly mobile cover. This is made up of PVC which makes it a super waterproof.

Customer review : ★★★★★ : Water did not enter when I put the pouch under the running water tap. As of now no issues but will provide my feedback again after using it in the beach next month.

– Surya on Amazon

JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch Cellphone

Small waterproof mobile cover

The Joto waterproof mobile case is best fitted for small to medium mobile phones such as blackberry, iphone 6 plus, some Samsung mobile, Nokia, Google pixel etc.

This pouch has a separative protective case which fits up to 7″ diagonal screen phones. For more space you will need to remove the protection case. Also this contains a clear both side screen window.

The Joto universal mobile cover comes with IPX8 certified waterproofing. Also, there is a neck strap for carrying properly. The lock functionality is snap and lock.

Customer review : ★★★★★ Dropped my phone in 12 foot of water in the sea wedge between rocks. Had to wait 5 hours for low tide to retrieve it and my phone was completely dry and totally working! The water protection is exceptional

– Anonymous on Amazon


Users need to test their waterproof covers annually periodically. Because, they may fail. In fact, waterproof mobile covers are often found to leak even after tested OK. Also, they can be sealed improperly which cause water leaking.

Also, Most of the waterproof covers are not tested against solid materials. Some products provides waterproofing up to certain depth also.

So, these are some best waterproof mobile covers in India. Hope this helps buying your next case and clear all the queries on your mind.

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