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Difference Between Water Proof And Water Resistance

Difference Between Water Proof And Water Resistance

So, here comes the big question. What is the difference between water proof and water resistance? Everyone heard about the terms waterproofing, water resisting, water repellent, but do not actually know what these mean.

Here we are with the information. In a simple example, a water resistant plywood can offer good but a bit lower level of services. But a waterproof plywood can offer a better service from moisture.

Water resistance materials are build very combinedly. That is why moisture, water particles get their way hard to get through.

On the other hand, Waterproof materials are a like a full and complete wall to moisture and water. Though, a waterproof jacket can be wet from inside with your own sweat.

According to Theory :

  • Water-resistant materials are barrier to water partially. Yes, it can resist water to a certain degree, but not totally.
  • Water-repellent materials are hard to be penetrated by water. Thus, it usually uses as surface-coating materials.
  • Waterproof materials are said to be a complete barrier to water. It can resist water fully.
Water resistanceWater repellentWaterproof
Can resist water partiallyCan resist water to some extentCan resist water fully

Water Proof, water Resistance and water repellent

What is water resistant ?

Among the three water protection terms water resistant is the lowest level of protection shield. We often see products with label “water resistant”. That means, that particular product is somehow coated with a substance which improves it’s capability of resisting water. Mostly, this is used in electronics devices like smart watches so that it can resist rain and other water particles.

What is water repellent ?

Water repellent materials are better in case of resisting water than water resistance products. If you see a product labeled as “water repellent” that means the coated substance help it to repel water, such as hydrophobic effect. This term is in high debate all the time because it is really tough to find such water repel substances.

What is waterproof?

Waterproof is a term which defines the substance coated prevents water from entering into the material fully. The coat helps reduce moisture and humidity inside the material. Things inside a water-proofed house stay dry more. Rubber, plastics, wax, silicon are some examples of waterproof substances.

What is IP rating in waterproofing ?

Things like smartphones have their own IP ratings like IP67, IP55, IP68 etc. IP ratings stands for Ingress Protection ratings scale. There are two numbers after the term IP.

The first number signifies it’s rating against solid particles like dust. The number ranges from 0-6 (varies). Higher number means it has better quality of protection.

Second number signifies the rating against liquid. Also in this case higher number means better resistant.

Generally, the number indicates increment from splash proof to waterproof. Here is a list below to make things clear :

IP44 : Products with IP44 rating can withstand splash from multiple direction.
IP55: Products with IP55 rating can resist low pressure jets from multiple direction, and also can resist dust.
IP66: Completely protected against dust.
IP67: Best suited for complete immersion on liquid. Marked as waterproof, also dustproof.


In short, waterproof is the best quality among the three terms. But, the concept waterproofing is really confusing and complicated. There aren’t any industry on any niche who can declare their product as full waterproof.

By determining Ingress Protection scale a buyer can get to know how much level the product is going to resist water.

So this was a brief discussion about the difference between water proof and water resistance. Hope to get a share.

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