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5 Best Waterproof Roller Blinds For Balcony

Waterproof Roller Blinds For Balcony

Sometimes motorized controls are available to open and close your waterproof roller blinds for balcony. But the most important thing is are they waterproof?

Here in this post you will get to know about the top best waterproof roller blinds for balcony. This can fit into the top of any window. Some are fitted within the window frame, some are placed outside.

Though roller blinds can be fit on any window frame but still, if you have bay window, it could be a great fit. Blinds can be fit at wide door and windows as well as it will look nice at smaller ones.

Reasons to buy roller blinds

There are several reasons to buy a roller blinds for your balcony or, window. These come with a wide range of design, texture, color. This can make your home a smart home.

  • Blackout.
  • Flame retardant.
  • Can protect you from some germs, dust.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Protect you from direct sunlight.

Before moving deep forward of why you need a waterproof roller blind, let’s see what is in the list. Here are 5 of the best roller blind for balcony :

List of 5 best roller blinds for balcony in India





Kayra Decor Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Waterproof Embossed Window Roller Blinds

72 Height X 42 Width

Kayra Decor Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Waterproof Embossed Window Roller Blinds

72 Height X 36 Width

HIPPO Polyester Fabric Water Repellent 90% Light Blockage Preassembled Roller Blind


TCLPVC Metal Bamboo Chick Double Cloth Waterproof Window Closer


Kayra Decor Thermal Insulated Roller Blind For Balcony

84 Height X 60 Width

If you want to know full details about each and every product, then go through the below topics. We hope this guide will help you buy your next or, very first roller blind.

1. Kayra Decor Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Waterproof Embossed Window Roller Blinds (72 Height X 42 Width) inch

72 X 42 inch roller blind for balcony

Kayra Decor is one of the home-decor industry leader established in New Delhi, India. They are specialized in 3D wall painting, 3D wall stencils, wall panels etc.

This is one of the great product of them. The roller blinder is made up of Poly-vinyl-chloride. It is mainly designed for window. You can use it on your balcony if needed.

Key features: PVC material, Window style, item dimension is 182.9 x 106.7 x 1 Centimeters, weight 1.5 kg, waterproof.

2. Kayra Decor Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Waterproof Embossed Window Roller Blinds (72 x 36) inch

72 x 36 roller blind for balcony

This is another solid invention from kayra decoration company launched in 2019. Material and built in quality is same as that of the previous one. Size is 72 X 36 inch.

If someone have a narrow balcony or, window. It can cover that one and give them more comfortable space.

Key features: PVC material, narrow window set, waterproof, item weight 1 kg 200 gm, dimension 182.9 x 91.4 x 45 Centimeters.

3. HIPPO Polyester Fabric Water Repellent 90% Light Blockage Preassembled Roller Blind

Roller blind for office

The picture may be in azure color and 4ft X 9ft dimensions but buyers can have a variety of color & dimension choice. Particularly in this product 5 different colors with it. Built-in light filtering inches feature makes this product more special.

Roller blind material is specially for office balcony as it looks more professional. With 100% PVC material this HIPPPO polyester blinds proved to block 90% light.

This is an ideal product from balcony (home & office both), living room, outdoors, and indoors. It has a crank handle by which anyone can operate the blind easily.

Key features: easy installation with screw, can be fitted on both inside and outside window, special locking system, variety of color and dimensions.

4. TCLPVC Metal Bamboo Chick Double Cloth Waterproof Window Closer

Double cloth roller blinds

This item is specially made for window though it can be used any space to protect sunlight and moisture. It has a metallic material inside and double cloth covered over that.

3/7 feet standard sized TCLPVC waterproof blinds are cheaper than the others. Brown color makes it look classy.

Key features: Metal material, double cloth, waterproof, standard size, cheaper in price.

5. Kayra Decor Thermal Insulated Roller Blind For Balcony (84 X 60) inches

waterproof roller blinds 84 x 60

This is for the family who has more wide balcony or window. It is made up of a complete blackout fabric which makes room cool and dark.

And the item’s waterproof coat is easy to wash with a wet cloth, or cotton. The product is weighted as 1.2 kg and the item’s dimension is 2.13 x 1.52 x 0.01 Meters.

Key features: blackout, easy to wash, looks comfortable for wider balcony.

Do you know the difference between waterproof and water resistance?

What are the benefits of roller blinds

There are some advantages of roller blind curtains. Though there are some other ways to protect inside your house from direct sunlight, dust, and moisture. But yeah, roller blinds are one of the more sophisticated way.

Advantages of roller blind curtains

  • To make inside home more comfortable and cool, you can use curtains. It prevents outside heat from directly entering into the house and makes rooms more eye soothing.
  • For some people privacy really matters a lot. If someone have a glass balcony, they can easily use curtains on the balcony. And of course at the time of enjoying the atmosphere, just pull up the curtain.
  • Roller blinds are very easy to set up. This minimalist design can make your home modern.
  • Waterproof curtains are very easy to clean. If you use AC in your home, then there are less possibility of dust. But if there any, you can clean them with the use of a vacuum cleaner. Some roller blinds are so easy to clean that it only needs a wet cloth.

FAQ – Waterproof Roller Blinds For Balcony

What is the difference between day and night roller blinds and roller blinds?

In Day and night roller blinds there are two footrails separating the blind. Among them one blind is opaque and can offer you more privacy and customization while letting the light in. and the other is complete blackout which makes the room darker. Roller blinds are a loop of fabric. May be there are less privacy while light coming in.

What is the difference between Vertical Blinds & Roller Blinds?

Vertical blinds are supported horizontally from the top of window. A chain is there to operate the blind. Roller blinds are usually attached to the window recess. Also, there are a chain there to operate. Vertical blinds are best suited for protection from the bright sunlight. Roller blinds can protect you from dust ad ultra violet rays.

Can I use gorilla glue to put my roller blinds up?

If you want to fix that up to the window, then only you can glue it up. Do not take risk by gluing anything. The simple answer is glue will not be strong enough to move the roller blind up and down.

Are roller blinds flammable?

As most of the waterproof roller blinds uses PVC or somewhat similar like PVC which is highly flammable. So, never take risk.


Waterproof roller blinds are in high demand nowadays. Western country families are more sincere about their skin and health. But in India, the number of families and offices using waterproof roller blinds for balcony is increasing.

It’s not a bad idea though to protect your home from UV rays, at the same time keeping privacy. Hope you like this blog, share it if found helpful.

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